Monday, January 9, 2012

O Wagon cast test sample

Have been working on the O wagon for about 12 months or so. After the usual first stuff up with the test etch we finally have the hopper master done and the first castings out, thanks to the skills of Peter Boorman. Here are some pictures, a couple of modifications to the etch parts and then it will be in production.

This should make a couple of the Victorian N Scale Collective members quite happy :)

Added to the KT and KS wagons we did last week we now have a good collection of the signature wagons that ran through Nowa Nowa in the 1970's and early 1980's.

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Model underway FQX/OCX Container Flat

Aust-N-Rail in partnership with SDS Models would like to announce their next RTR Australian N scale wagon.

It is the FQX/OCX in three different versions. The NSW OCX/NQCX, the Victorian FQX/VQCX with tie down rings and the Victorian FQX/VQCX with side lashing bar. We are also hoping to be able to offer a specific SAR FQX/AQCX version (modified from the Vic version) however this is still under consideration. 12-14 colour/number versions are under consideration.

These models will also feature an N scale version of the XSC bogie, the first of a planned series of Australian specific bogies, with 36in wheels.

The wagon will have a detailed underfloor, a deck with container anchors sized for the Deluxe Innovation containers and body mounted Micro-Trains© couplers.

The combination of the new bogie and the “underslung” Micro-Trains coupler will allow a prototypical ride height for the wagon.

As you can see we have the first drawings already. We’re expecting the first engineering samples in time for the Hobsons Bay MRRC show at Easter, with the final production in time for the Caulfield show in August.
Detailed underfloor. Purple die cast chassis

Container locks will be separete items to place

These will nicely complement the expected Austrains N scale NR, as well as the existing range of N scale RTR models.

As usual we will offer a preproduction order with an appropriately reduced cost.
These models will be available direct and through hobby shops.

Rob Carpenter