Thursday, August 30, 2012

N Scale L Class Electric Test

Two posts in two days...

Rob Popovski has been busy following up the 442 with a Victorian L class electric!

It looks supurb in the flesh now I need to do some decals for it and find suitable pantographs. They will be available for sale in a little while.

It will fit on two chassis so far, the Atlas RSD4/5 and the new Graham Farish 31 class, the later looks better!

L on Atlas RSD 4/4

L on Graham Farish 31 Class.

So many models, so little time!




Wow how time fly's! been really busy with work and personal life...

Anyway the first of several new posts to come.

Today we received the first test shots of the N scale FQX/OCX. As expected couple of things to fix, however overall they are very impressive!

The deck detail is very fine and the container brackets look superb. The bogie's and wheel look great and run smoothly on tests, more to follow.

Here you can see the brake rigging and the two main versions, FQX to the top and OCX underneath. This is similar levels of detail to current HO models. The central beams are die cast to give weight.

Click on this one to see how it looks painted.

Off to do some testing on the layout and to undercoat one in grey.