Wednesday, October 23, 2013

More 3D modelling

I have received prints from my 3D modelling efforts, the most complete being a Melbourne Z class tram.

This is how it looked when it arrived.

This is direct from ShapeWays in Frosted Ultra Detail.

I also made a new chassis to accommodate the parts from a Tomytec TM-TR01 tram.

The parts clipped in like they were made to fit :) I subsequently added a DCC chip to it and undercoated the tram body.

It then spent a happy day running around at the Seymour exhibition on a T-TRAK layout.

The W workers van shows a lot more "noise" from the production process. I have fixed a few things and will reprint before I see how it goes cleaned up.

I also had a go at printing the side shunters steps for the ZL guards van project, I was struggling to do this in brass, and this has worked very well with the parts sticking to the delrin underframe using Selly's Plastics glue. I can finnaly get this project underway, I have had the castings for around a year now!

The quality of these most recent prints from Shapeways has been really good, much better than I expected. I'm really getting the hang of it now, it really is opening up opportunities to do small or one off projects.

I have drawn a few other things that I will soon send off for printing.