Wednesday, October 23, 2013

More 3D modelling

I have received prints from my 3D modelling efforts, the most complete being a Melbourne Z class tram.

This is how it looked when it arrived.

This is direct from ShapeWays in Frosted Ultra Detail.

I also made a new chassis to accommodate the parts from a Tomytec TM-TR01 tram.

The parts clipped in like they were made to fit :) I subsequently added a DCC chip to it and undercoated the tram body.

It then spent a happy day running around at the Seymour exhibition on a T-TRAK layout.

The W workers van shows a lot more "noise" from the production process. I have fixed a few things and will reprint before I see how it goes cleaned up.

I also had a go at printing the side shunters steps for the ZL guards van project, I was struggling to do this in brass, and this has worked very well with the parts sticking to the delrin underframe using Selly's Plastics glue. I can finnaly get this project underway, I have had the castings for around a year now!

The quality of these most recent prints from Shapeways has been really good, much better than I expected. I'm really getting the hang of it now, it really is opening up opportunities to do small or one off projects.

I have drawn a few other things that I will soon send off for printing.


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  1. Excellent work, Rob.
    I know you said you don't need to think too much about the actual printing process other than the resolution, but gravity is still gravity. I'm still struggling with the physics behind printing a layer of plastic above an empty space such as above windows.That sort of thing must be happening all the time. Are there limits one must consider or do you just write it all off as part of gravity-defying 3D printing black magic?