Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Frosted Extreme Detail

Today I received some prints in the new shapeways Frosted extreme detail. At 16 microns it is about twice the resolution of the Frosted Ultra Detail at 29 microns.

You can see a difference in the print quality. The following have had no surface finishing, just painted grey to help photograph.

First the plateframe bogie, this is the best and worst print that I received,both are crisper than the FUD, showing the rivet detail much better.

The QR is also much crisper with far less surface roughness. There does appear to be one disadvantage though, the material is bowing in much more than the FUD, meaning casting these will be important

The QR end, showing the slight bow along the top of the sides.

The QN also shows a marked improvement in surface finish.

Overall a marked improvement on what was already "good enough" direct from the manufacturer. However the bowing is already a concern, indicating that these are great for making masters for casting, rather than finishing and placing on the track as is.



Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Sparks are Coming! - Comeng model from Brimbank

On Shapeways there are some very nice 3D models being developed by Brimbank models:


I ordered some a while ago and finally got in to cleaning them up, getting them in undercoat and then last night managed to do some decals.

Aust-N-Rail will be marketing these in the future as a kit with mechanism, pantograph and decals.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Series 1 T Class new production

Well after many years Aust-N-Rail has begun the new production of the Series 1 T class, thanks to a new master from Robbie Popovsk, who has created another work of modelling greatness!

Aust-N-Rail is not sure when it will be available, in part as we are searching for a new manufacturer in China, otherwise will will do it ourselves in Australia. Like the first run it will go on the Atlas VO-1000 mechanism and will be DCC ready, or will be able to be ordered with DCC fitted.

The following pictures are from the test casting.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

E Class progress

G'Day all, merry Christmas, happy New Year, hope you had a great Australia Day!

A quick update with progress on the E class, in the process of adding lots of rivets at the moment....

Lots more to go!