Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Some More 3D

Hi everyone,

have recently returned home after three weeks overseas for work, including Canada with a foot of snow and -17 degrees... brrrrrrrr

Before I left I sent a few items off to the printers, I was really looking forward to coming home to see them :)

the first is one of the most requested Victorian models in N scale. A few have been scratch built, however they have proven very difficult to cast due to their long length and delicate uprights.

The VFTY were built in 1979 used for carrying timber as a replacement for the IT wagons, many of which were being used on the Orbost line and pass through Nowa Nowa... so I had to have some.

I have a little bit more detail work to do and a slight rethink on the underframe as it is bowing a little (although it is is bowing "up", a bit like the real wagons). These will then be sold on Shapeways as a three pack for around $65. I will sell decals, couplers and bogies separately.

I also wanted to see how far I could push things, so I made this staff exchange platform :

It is designed to be buried in the ground, I have done two versions, with and without the back railing.

I am very happy with both projects, more to follow when I can get more time!



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