Saturday, December 21, 2013

Another FQX Update

I returned home this weekend to find a parcel from China with the final samples. I am very pleased with the results, hope you are too! Click on the pictures for a bigger view.

Preorders with a $10 discount are still available until the 13th of Jan.

The etchings and detail on the ends, including wire hand grabs and the brake hose.

 There are four different body styles. Two for Vic, one for NSW and one for SA.

Two different brake gear setups (Vic/SA and NSW).

It will be a shame to cover the deck with containers...

These models will go around a 9" curve (greater is much better, around 11" is what I recommend) and track nicely unloaded.

The bogies are to our own design and the model is fitted with Micro-trains 2001 couplers so the riding height of the model is nice and low.




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