Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Latest Photos Darren French's layout

There are currently a couple of fantastic Victorian N scale layouts under construction. In addition to Wallan, Tony Scott, Tony Lamplough and Darren French's layouts are nearly scenery complete in a few/most areas. The great thing about this is as we are all members of the Victorian N scale Collective so ideas and experience are being freely given, enhancing all of our layouts.

These are some of the latest pictures of Darren's layout. He built the Nowa Nowa bridge for me, but has gone even further on his layout... maybe he has spare time for a FreeMoN version of Stony Creek...

Darren likes trestle bridges... if you hadn't noticed! Here two super detailed Aust-N-Rail series 2 T's (with fibre optic lighting) lead a Louvre van train with a Spirit Design ZLP, an Aust-N-Rail VLEX and a number of Fybren Models VLCX vans.

Did I mention someone has a trestle bridge fetish...

I was about to say he does other scene's apart from trestle bridges... but maybe not!

Here a super detailed Aust-N-Rail Series 1 T class leads an Aust-N-Rail WOAX (Master by John Miller) and a series of four wheel rolling stock from Spirit Design and Aust-N-Rail over... a small trestle bridge...

Thanks Darren for the pictures and inspiration!




  1. Definite cantidate for a future issue of AMRM!

    James McInerney
    Production Manager

  2. G'Day James, with all the N scale action we shold be able to do 2-3 years of an N scale layout in each issue :)