Saturday, May 5, 2012


G'day All, over the last few weeks we have done a little bit on the layout. The most obvious being the addition of legs instead of using the fold up tables. We have been think about this for some time and have finally settled on 25mmx25mm Aluminium legs into sockets for their light weight, small size and strength

The layout will have two sets of legs, a high set for all of the layout when it is away from home and a low set for the part of the layout that will be on the Cubelok benches.

Here is an overview, at the moment the legs are clamped on to get the feel of things.

This next picture shows the shorter legs on the Cubelok bench work

Interesting things occur at the tops of legs... this is the plan for ours.

A 100mm aluminium square will be welded to a flat plate by Ashley (thanks!) to form a socket. The plate will be screwed to the frame. A bolt will be use to go through the socket and through the leg and be tapped on the other side of the socket. This way the legs will be unable to go up or down, and will be easily removed by one bolt per leg. well that's the plan, we haven't done one yet!

This way short, long or maybe even medium sized legs can be easily put on the layout. Cross bracing will be clamped on a couple of modules and it should all stiffen up nicely.

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