Monday, October 4, 2010


In between looking after kids on school holidays, catching up on chores, working in the garden and doing orders  I've been working on one of my other modelling obsessions... T-TRAK!

I love T-TRAK for its simplicity and easy of use for getting new people into N scale, the fantastic KATO track, its extreme modularity and the camaraderie that has grown up around it in Australia where we have a very active group.

I have "pushed" the T-TRAK limits a number of times now, making wider, longer and more "prototypical" style modules. And now I think we (for again Phil and Ashley have helped out) have built the ultimate module... until the next one!

Being a country lad I have always been intrigued by the busyness, intensity of train operations, and all the detail of the city. This suits T-TRAK really well! I have been going through suburban track diagrams for a few months getting a feel for the network at various stages of development

Recently when I had the flu I was on the Micro Layout site looking at traversers and train turntables for “Nowa Nowa” and randomly looking at layouts and ideas when I came across “Gumstumping”

Paul at “The Buffer Stop” in Melbourne often has his version at shows... then a thought hit me, this concept is similar to how “Victoria Park” just north of Collingwood in Melbourne was... and I could probably do it on T-TRACK.

Out came the plans (courtesy of Mark Bau’s excellent site

and I downloaded Anyrail ( and made the following plan:

I needed to fit within a 5 module area and I wanted to maximise the “Gumstumping” effect so added an extra switch back under the main running lines.

I then built and tested it over a period of several weeks to arrive at this final design.

Now to start on the scenery!

I will have it at the Wagga Wagga show in November.

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