Thursday, February 10, 2011

T3 and P class locos

Well I've been busy back at work the last few weeks and modelling has been quiet limitied, bits here and there... which are now coming together...

First is a sample of my next ready to run locomotive, the Series 3 T class. It will be cast and painted in China over the next few months and will be sold with a Kato NW2 mechanism. First though I have to paint samples and do the artwork for the printers, hence this sample. They colours aren't exactly right, it is more to get the overall feel and placement of artwork.

The model is cast in polyurethane, with brass roof and window surrounds, and I'm asking for wire hand rails to be fitted on the production versions. A VLINE version is also planned.

In addition I've had some orders for P class locos, shown below is a Freight Australia one. The model was assembled by Paul Welshe, painted by me (using a Tamiya spray pack) and decaled by John Smith (a recent convert to trains and N scale). John comes around most Thursdays for a modelling night, his wife and mine bead on another night... a real win win !

Gotta go now, hopefully will get a bit of modelling done over the weekend, 'aveagoodweekend!

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