Sunday, November 27, 2011

Advertising U Vans

Over the last few days I've been working on a number of projects for customers and myself. One that has been on the list for a while has been additional advertising U vans using the Signs Of All Kinds Alps printed decals ( on one of my undecorated U Vans ANR 3868).

First I open the decal and apply a light coat of Testors Decal Bonder to the decal ( in case the decal film is weak or old (the decal bonder applies a new film layer, just don't make it too thick). Set it aside to dry for a few hours.

Then taking an undecorated U van out of the pack remove the roof by holding the long side on both side and pulling it off with a firm pull. Remove the body from the chassis by depressing the tabs you will now see. Depending on the paint scheme you may need to paint the roof separate to the body, or combine it and paint as one assembly.

Now paint the model then once dry apply a cleat gloss coat (I use Tamiya TS 13 in a spray pack). Apply the decals using water and once positioned dry off the water. Now comes the important part, to get the decal to snuggle down into the louvres apply Microscale Microsol. This may need to be done several times (1 did 4-5 applications on the models below). Once dry apply a matt coat (Testors Dullcote).

Painted all over in Badger Modelflex/Accuflex Light Oxide Tuscan Red (My "standard" colour for VR wagon red of late 70's onwards)

Edinburgh Paints
Roof Modelflex/Accuflex Light Oxide Tuscan Red, side Badger Modelflex/Accuflex Southern Pacific Scarlet Red.

Orlando Wines
Body roof in Badger Modelflex/Accuflex Maroon Tuscan Oxide Red (older VR brown/red), side in the colour I use for AN green (Badger Modelflex/Accuflex Burlington Northern Green with a dash of black).

Better get back to finishing the other models :)

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