Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Bairnsdale In N Scale

G'Day all, it has been decided that the next major station to link with Nowa Nowa will be Bairnsdale. I have therefore set up a new blog to record the research and building. It is located here:


Design work has commenced, as has research in earnest. I am always looking for more material, so please pass it on if you have any.

In reviewing the development of Nowa Nowa in n scale I have realised I should have done more research up front, however the concept sort of "grew" and took advantage of opportunities of time and space.  Bairnsdale will be developed in a more deliberate fashion, in fact I hope to build things like buildings first, even before laying the track... we shall see how that goes!

However as you can see by the following concept plan we have a number of other modules that need to be built as well. The Nowa Nowa sawmill sidings, two 90 degree bends and several 400x400mm "filler" modules. these will be documented on this blog, while the other blog will focus on Bairnsdale.

6mx3m concept, complete modules in green
The overall plan will fit nicely in the shed and will be a useful size for model railway exhibitions where it will be viewed from three sides. It will keep 3-5 operators amused :)

On On!

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