Friday, December 9, 2011

New Modules Begin

Today we (mostly my Dad as I supervised, still not allowed to do much after the operation) reduced an 1800x1200x19mm sheet of "Form Ply" into the end plates and stringers required for the new modules.

Construction will commence tomorrow.

Need to build:
Two 400mmx400mm "filler" modules. One for the area between "Nowa Nowa" and "Boggy Creek Bridge" modules and one for between the two 90 degree corner modules. These will feature a 9mm top, 6mm sides of ply and the "Form Ply" end plates.

Two 90 degree corner modules. These will have two "Form Ply" stringers, 6mm deck, blue foam and 3mm curved fascia's.

Nowa Nowa Sawmill. This is a 1200mm module with a "kink" to bring the alignment back parallel after Boggy Creek Bridge. It will feature a 6mm deck, blue foam, 70mmx19mm "Form Ply" stringers and 6mm fascia's. this module will have two points on it.

Bairnsdale. This will be three 1200mmx400mm modules with either 9mm or 12mm decks (not sure which yet) and 6mm ply sides... hopefully I can get away without any support timber...

Busy week of construction ahead!

Ordered the track last week, it should arrive late next week, however I have enough points to do the ones off the main.



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