Thursday, December 29, 2011

KS Timber Wagons

KS Scantling Timber Wagon

The KS wagons are similar to the KT's and were built shortly after. KT 1 was in fact converted from a KT. There were only 7 in the class, built in 3 different ways! The first five though are the same and were built lat 1958 early 1959.

Using the knowledge we have gained from building the first three KT's we have just about come up with the best way to do the timber stakes (apart from etching and then casting them). the next two KT's under constructing have refined the process more.

The decal on the right reads "Scanting Timber Only between Orbost & Graham". It is barley legible, at about 0.3mm high!

So in 3 days we have built 7 wagons... at this rate I need to take a month of work and just build rollingstock!

So two classes of timber wagon done, a third underway... and the forth, the IT will wait for a bit.

BLMA 18" hand grabs on KS wagon

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