Friday, December 16, 2011

Nowa Nowa Sawmill Module Part 1

I've been doing a bit of work off and on this week on the modules. The key one at the moment being the Nowa Nowa Sawmill module.

Located west of the station, on the other side of Boggy creek this rarely photographed (I have only 1 so far...) location makes an interesting module.

From the Boggy creek the track curved left through a deep cutting, the road bridge to Bruthen passed over the line at this point, it then curved back to the right where there was a siding to the sawmill. These two tracks were very short to take only a couple of I/GY wagons. A timber bank (which I have the plans for from the archives) faced one track where timber was loaded by forklift into the wagons.

Here is the progress so far. The module is 9mm ply deck, a 70x19 Form Ply stringer runs the length of the module, 19mm Form Ply makes the ends and eventually the sides will be made from 6mm ply.

The module is cut to match the end of the Boggy Creek module, to then bring the line back parallel to the Nowa Nowa yard tracks by the end.

I'm using the "Trackrite" foam roadbase, I bought some a while ago and this will be the first time I've used it. It has a nice chamfered shoulder for the ballast. Glued down with White Glue.

Here is the track complete, soldered together, track feeders added and frog powered on the points... just need Phil to come along to make the wiring look good underneath!

As I drilled holes for the wiring I found that while I thought I had left plenty of room for the stringer to go through without getting in the way of the points... I hadn't :( So out with the jigsaw... pictures another time.

Trains from Nowa Nowa itself were allowed to shunt these sidings without having to take a guards van, here is a typical train returning from the sidings (to the left of the picture) heading back to Nowa Nowa station (to the right).

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