Sunday, September 16, 2012

N Scale L Class Electric Part the Second

Again busy with work, however I have a coat of blue paint on the L and the decal artwork underway...

During the week the Bachman/Graham Farish Class 31 Mech turned up, as did some Kato Pantographs. So motivated this afternoon I set to work.... here is where I'm at.

The Panto is just sitting on there for effect until the paint job is finished.

The Bachman mech runs pretty good, but is not DCC ready unfortunately :(. It takes a bit of filing (about 30-45 mins of filing and test fitting) to get the shell to nestle down on the mech. This images shows the comparison between an unmodified mech and the filed down one.
The bogies are tricky as by cutting off the moulded on coupler the bogie sideframes will no longer "clip" on to the bogie. Instead I had to use some Selly's "Plastics Glue" (available from Supermarkets) to glue the Delrin parts together.

I had better get on with the decals now!



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