Tuesday, September 18, 2012

N Scale L Class Electric Part the Third

Managed to do the decals in the last two days, the following pictures show what it looks like on the second test, just about right!

It looks like we need to modify the master to remove the old MU? connectors on the ends so the decal fits. These may have to then be a seperately applied part. You can see where I cut them off after I had applied the decals, I think a coat of paint and weathering will fix it up!

Here it is side on. the decals are in four parts, the cab ends and stripes around to the cab doors is one large decal, the stripes top and bottom on the side are the next two. you can see where the decals overlap by a bit.

I was going to try and do another decal that goes over the nose, however I think this will need to be painted, that will be the subject of the fourth part!

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