Thursday, October 18, 2012

N Scale NSW 400 Class Railmotor

When I received the first kit from Peter Boorman of his 400 Class railmotor (3D master by Rob Popovski) I just has to make one up! A beautiful little model and another well designed kit. In addition to the cast body an etch for the roof radiator, lost was horns and decals make up the kit. It requires a modified Tomytec TM-04 chassis to complete. Over the last two months or so I've been putting it together and now it is finished!

Peter Boorman Workshop NSW 400 Class Railmotor
The castings out of the box are crisp and paint up well. The brass detail items require soldering for the footplates between the railmotor and trailer, otherwise they attached with superglue.

The chassis needs to be cut on the ends and a little bit of filing back to get a nice fit.

This one is also fitted with a TCS M1 decoder :)

Detail shot of the decoder fitting showing where wires are soldered on.

The model looks good and runs sweetly, although if you had to pull more weight should be added.

Another fine kit from Peter Boorman and more fantastic 3D work from Rob Popovski!


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