Sunday, October 14, 2012

October Victorian N Scale Collective meeting

Yesterday the October Victorian N Scale Collective was held at my place with 25-30 members turning up at various times during the day.

So what do you do at these things?

Talk in small groups:
Discussions such as how to paint models, airbrushing techniques, paint manufacture (Thanks to David Haymes from Haymes Paints),  demonstrations of assembling Microtrains couplers (I felt no pressure at all....), Fairmile Class small boats of WW2 and a range of other topics...

Here another group of intrepid enthusiasts discuss Flinders st station (thanks to this book, Darren's crazy obsession with trestle bridges, Luke's obsession with Bendigo and my crazy obsession with having a million projects on the go...

The meeting spilled out into the shed where Nowa Nowa was running (but not Bairnsdale yet), sorry no pictures; into the carport where Michael had a variation of T-Trak on display (pictured) and a Free-moN reverse loop (which I forgot to photograph). Are we having fun? The answer is obvious!
I don't get to VNSC meetings often but when I do I always have a fantastic time, learn a lot and share my knowledge. The Collective has members at all levels of skill and interest in the prototype and is a great pleasure to share with other enthusiasts. Belonging to a club / group brings many benefits especially when it is as great a bunch of people as the Victorian N Scale Collective.

I even got to do some modelling!

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