Monday, April 18, 2011

Boggy Creek Bridge Module

It was a busy day today, in addition to Phil bringing back Nowa Nowa all working, Darren dropped off the Boggy Creek bridge module... accompanied by banter about "Rob's layout" being built by everyone else... what else do you expect from a Project Manager!

Darren has done a fantastic job on the module and the bridge... it REALLY capture the feel of the bridge, just need some trees! Over the next few days I will lay the track and ballast it, plus start putting on trees... in fact have already started :)

They layout is coming together nicely just a few days out from its first showing at the Hobsons bay show at Collingwood over Easter. Phil "just" needs to finish off the two fiddle yards... but already we are planing the next few modules... it is addictive!

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