Saturday, April 16, 2011

Visit To Nowa Nowa 2011

G'Day all, sorry for the long gap in posts, been real busy with work. However the last week I visited family on the south coast of NSW... a good excuse to go via Nowa Nowa!

I will be post some more pics of the layout as we have a week before its first showing at the "Hobsons Bay " show at Collingwood on the Easter long weekend... we were hoping to get further along, but it will be worth coming to have a look :)

Anyway here are some pics of Nowa Nowa in 2011.

First looking back towards Orbost. On the left is the "New" loading dock, in the centre the track that lead to to back sidings, in the middle distance the old loading dock. The old dock was flat, but the new one has a slight curve back on the wings... I've modelled both as being flat. On the far right is a gap where the long dead end siding off the main goods loop was.

Here is the few back towards Bairnsdale and the Boggy creek bridge. On the hill just to the right of centre was where the original wooden loading ramp was.

Here is a pick of the original wooden ramp. The shot is from the hill on the picture above looking towards the right.

And here is a picture of the footings for the old wooden loader.

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